Wedding Photography Services

Congratulations! If you just landed here, it’s probably because YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED! How exciting!

If you are checking wedding photographers in the area, chances are that you have already ticked off the following items on your ever expanding wedding checklist:

  • One wedding couple
  • One perfect wedding venue and catering on a date you want
  • One ever-changing list of guests that will attend
  • One (dare to say) very vague estimate of how much you are willing to spend and how to actually pay for it all these days
  • One marriage celebrant (if you are really onto it!)

So, before you hire a suit, buy a wedding dress and rings, organise a make-up artist and hairdresser and even think about your wedding cake and music, you should probably book your photographer! 

I love everything about weddings – the raw emotions, the nervousness, the true happiness! I understand the wedding logistics well so I will seamlessly capture all important moments and emotions the couples would want to have documented delivering a great selection of high quality, thoughtful and clever images. My images are authentic, hand edited and not overbrushed. My photography style is documentary. If you haven't already, go check my wedding photography portfolio and see if you like my photography style. Read what my former clients said about my services in their reviews because I believe that the most important when booking your wedding photographer is a mutual trust and understanding! I am the expert you are looking for!

When wedding couples (and it is equally brides and grooms in 2024) first contact me, they usually ask if I am available on a certain date and how much I charge for wedding photography. I value my time and I value yours so you don't have to email me for packages. I display my “no nonsense” price list without hesitation because I know what I am able to offer and that I have worked hard to get where I am now. I am super organised, have got a powerful portfolio of images backing me up and I know I have been perfecting my whole life! 

Lately, I have heard couples saying that the wedding celebrant suggested a different photographer they cooperate with but there shouldn’t be any obligations to book any supplier you don’t want yourselves! Same goes for make-up artists and hairdressers. The choice of your suppliers is entirely up to you, always! It’s your wedding so don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

I like to share my experiences from other weddings I photographed, even give you some input…you know how many times a couple looked at each other with “I didn’t even think of that!”? I am confident that once we connect and I will get to know you a bit during our initial phone conversation and meeting in person (because I like to sit down with you, ideally at the ceremony or reception venue, and listen to what you have in mind in those first stages of wedding planning), you will be assured that I am your ally. A friend who tells the bride to re-apply a lippie or who will adjust your hair out of your face so we can get the best portrait of you. 

It can be difficult for some to relax in front of the camera, I absolutely get it. All my energy goes into you having the best time. People say I am a genuine, funny and what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of person. So be ready for some high fiving along the way and me telling you that you gave me goosebumps (love goosebumps because I know that we are nailing it). If I see that you have had enough of the formal portraits, we will just wrap it up. But I will also tell you that I need that one particular shot I have in mind for you. If you trust me, I can promise you will look at your photos and say “Yes, this is how I remember it!” 

The typical amount of photos you will receive from me (via easy to navigate online photo gallery you can share and download) very much depends on the individual wedding (duration, locations, number of guests, etc). I carefully cull down all the photos from the day so your gallery flows well and you end up with the maximum amount of images which tells the story that evoke the feelings you remember you had yet you don't end up overwhelmed with too many photos. 

I don’t include any prints or artwork into my packages as every single one of you has got different ideas on how to keep and present your wedding photos. I am happy to organise small and large prints on paper, photobooks or large artwork on media like canvas, acrylic or aluminium for you at competitive prices with a professional photo lab at extra charge. 

The signing of standard Wedding Photography Agreement and payment of non-refundable booking fee is required in order to book the date.


Wedding Package

coverage up to 3hrs ~ $1,400
every additional hour ~ $350/hr

incl. $500 non-refundable retainer

all good, carefully chosen and retouched digital images in full resolution + resized
in password protected online photo gallery for sharing and download

from $1,400
1 / 1

Nichola & Herman

What can’t I say about Veronika? Her photos are outstanding! From the start to the finish she was so professional and so easy to work with. Veronika photographed our wedding recently, and the images she captured were truly amazing!
We just love them! Everyone who has seen them so far has commented on how great they are.
If are after an awesome photographer who is fantastic to work with and very reasonably priced for your next event, look no further.

1 / 3