Thank you for stopping by and expressing your interest in my work. I am an experienced, award winning lifestyle photographer specializing in portrait and event photography. Located in Mandurah, Western Australia I provide reliable, custom tailored photographic services for story-loving individuals, not-for-profits and brands predominantly in Mandurah and Peel Region but recently also in Perth!

My photography style has been commended as natural and authentic.

My communication with you is prompt and attentive during the whole experience - before, during and after your photoshoot.

Your fully retouched digital images are delivered via beautiful online galleries which are super easy to navigate, share and download.

Excited little boy running through the droplets of water from the hose

An eye for it...

Documenting what was compelling to me dragging a camera with me everywhere since I was a teenager, I had an epiphany when attending a funeral. I realized that what really, TRULY matters in life are 3 things:


So I declared out loud, there and then, that I am going to start a photography business! I want to capture images which portray you authentically, in a way one of my clients commented a couple of years later:


People say that I have got an eye for it. I say it's about timing and being able to read people. It's also about willing to take risks, dedication and determination. Naturally, a good light helps but I reckon that the most important for me as a professional photographer is to listen, really. Listen in order to get a clear picture of what is important to a person who trusted me enough to book me for their event or stand in front of my camera with a complete trust that I will get the best portrait of them! People share quite personal things about their life with me before and during the photoshoot - they not only reveal their wishes, believes and what excites them but also insecurities, what bothers them and some of the most moving experiences in their lives. I then take it and work with it when retouching my images. It's still very humbling experience for me, so thank you!

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