My story

Czech born and bred, Ozzie by choice…

Born and educated in the Czech Republic I have been calling Australia home since 2002.

Both, my Dad and Grandpa were keen amateur photographers and used to let me help them develop photographs in their pitch-black room only illuminated by a safelight and containing an enlarger and trays with chemicals that smelled disgusting. Witnessing black and white images magically appearing from a big white NOTHING into SOMETHING was fascinating for me as a small kid!

I am still absolutely mesmerised by light and have always loved having these small snapshots of those moments we may not remember without a photo and sharing my passion with others is just a bonus.

That’s my story. What’s yours? Can’t wait to find out! 


Cait & Paul, Meadow Springs

We waited years for that day and honestly we couldn’t have asked for it to have been captured better. They are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! There’s nothing yet I haven’t liked…

Paul and I could rave on about you all day haha. Thank you so much, feel like a broken record thanking you haha. You have been incredible, I can’t thank you enough. I can’t believe how well you captured our day. Every time I look at them I remember something else xx

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