About me

Czech by origin, Ozzie by choice…

Born and educated in the Czech Republic I have been calling Australia home since 2002.

Photography is my lifestyle. I don’t call it obsession any more; it is who I am – a keen observer of a human nature! I have been dragging my camera with me everywhere (around the world) for about 25 years now. I have always loved having those small snapshots of those moments we may not remember without a photo.

I started my photography business in 2013 by offering my clients outdoor photo sessions – in the park, on the beach, anywhere really. Little did I think about an imperfect lighting or gusty summer wind at that time but challenges made me grow stronger. Even today I say to myself – hey, life is not perfect either and my photos will reflect that perfectly!

I love to share my passion with others and I hope this shine through in my images…

That’s my story. What’s yours? Can’t wait to find out! 

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