Finding magic in everyday moments…

My main focus and great passion will always be people and the true storytelling but I take on any project, big or small, which is close to your heart or requires a formal portraiture.

Having a Portrait Session or event photography at the place you know the best, love the most and decided to celebrate your life with your besties there simply because they have the best food and wine, it is what creates that instant connection to you and your personality so you don’t have to pretend something you are not. I know we nailed the session when my clients say ‘Look, that’s so us!’.

I love Event Photography and it offers me lots of opportunities for candid shots but I am not afraid to ask to get the shot I have to get for you. In the past I covered corporate functions, networking events, restaurant/pubs crowded nights, birthday parties, weddings, stand up comedy nights, community festivals, music performance, talks with creatives…and my clients always loved the natural look of these images.

Having background in economics and marketing and a sound knowledge of ‘tech stuff’ I know how important it is for business owners to present themselves and their businesses in the best possible way. During Branding session I strive to find the story behind the idea, the business, the owners and then create fully retouched portraits/products portfolios reflecting their awesomeness during relaxed, yet professional lifestyle photo shoots.

Are you ready to try something else than a big studio yourself, bit more natural and fun? Have a look at some of the images I put together for you and book me for your next photo session.

Finding magic in everyday moments…

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