Finding magic in everyday moments…

I am Mandurah based natural light, lifestyle photographer specializing in portraiture (kids, family, branding) and event photography (community events, networking, small sized weddings). My main focus and great passion will always be people and true storytelling but I take on any project, big or small, which is close to your heart or requires a formal portraiture. Evolving into personal and company branding photography has just been the latest stage of my business. I pride myself on delivering “over-the-top-reliable” service while being accommodating to my client’s needs and wishes! I also love to support local businesses, events and not for profits every way I can. 

I know we nailed the Portrait Session when my clients say ‘Look, that’s so us!’.  

Event Photography incl. weddings gives me lots of opportunities for candid shots but I am not afraid to ask to get the shot I have to get for you. In the past I covered events such as community events, corporate functions, networking events, wearable art competitions, restaurant/pubs crowded nights, birthday parties, weddings, stand up comedy nights, music performance, talks with creatives…and my clients always loved the natural look of my images.

I know how crucial it is for business to make a great first impression as well as how to nurture relationship with existing customers. During Branding Session I strive to find the story behind the business which is relatable and memorable and create a fully retouched portfolio of images showcasing your mission. I am on your team! I am your biggest fan too!

Have a look at some of the images I put together for you and get in touch with me!

Finding magic in everyday moments…

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